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Trees Now has its own nursery, which is located in central New Jersey. Our farm has over 800 acres, specializing in larger sized Shade Trees, Ornamental Trees, Evergreens, and Unique Specimen Pieces. We presently grow shade trees up to 14" caliper, Ornamental trees up to 20' tall, and Evergreens up to 25 - 30 feet tall.

All of our trees are of Specimen Quality, with straight trunks, well balanced symmetrical canopies, and hand dug rootballs.

Trees Now

Trees Now

We invite you to come to the Nursery, walk through our fields and look at the actual trees that will be incorporated into your finished Landscaping Project.

Trees Now specializes in transplanting of mature sized trees utilizing Large Bucket Loaders or Cranes, whichever is the right machine for the job.
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We hand dig the rootball and drumlace by hand, taking the care necessary to insure that the rootsystem is properly protected and cared for all the way from the original location to the tree's new home.


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